Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Missi Pyle & Casey Anderson Marry at Holland Lake

One of the principle locations for Pretty Ugly People was the Holland Lake Lodge (www.hollandlakelodge.com). We shot there for 12 days and that is where Missi Pyle met our bear trainer, Casey Anderson. Little did we all know that after a year of dating they would decide to get married at the place they met!

Tate and I flew up for the wedding and about 8 other crew members from the film were able to attend. The crowd was an absolute blast - Montana, Texas, NY and LA folks all mixing together. Fantastic wedding, and Missi ended up riding the mechanical bull 3 times in her wedding dress.

The next day Tate and I drove to a nearby rodeo to catch some local flavor. Tate entered the rodeo and did pretty well (video below). We got a t-shirt too. Notice the old woman at the end of the video - it looks like this is the only time they let her out of the house.

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